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18 Feb 2017 . Tech . Bhyve/iohyve on Freenas

currently running Freenas 9.10.2

The main material used was this freenas doc in section 13.4 on using iohyve.

Setup! The first step is setting up iohyve so it knows what it needs to do. The only info needed is what pool you want to store your vm’s on. In my case, I wanted them stored on the same as my jails volume.

[chip@eve ~]$ iohyve setup pool=cache kmod=1 net=em0 Setting up iohyve pool… Loading kernel modules… Setting up bridge0 on em0… net.link.tap.up_onopen: 0 -> 1

[chip@eve ~]$ ln -s /mnt/iohyve /iohyve

The last line ensuring that...



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