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Uvas Canyon County Park

18 Jan 2016 . adventure
#blog #personal #outdoors #adventure

SO… The time has come where I actually started doing some exploring. I’ve been wanting to go hiking and exploring the area but haven’t had too much motivation to actually go. The other day, I got a couple of my friends to tag along and go explore “Uvas Canyon County Park” here not too far from where we’re currently living. It was a terrific drive with even better sights once we got into the park. It had just rained the morning that we went so the streams and creeks were energetic as ever.

Here is a quick video of some of the highlights. I’m hoping that I’ll get to go do more thigns like this and if I can actually stay on top of things, I’ll actually get them posted here too. Maybe thats a bit too optimistic, we’ll see :)