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All About Cali - The Beginning of Something New? - pt3

07 Jul 2015 . Blog
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Yet another long overdue post. It seems I got quite a long ways behind. Since my last two california posts a whole lot has happened. I got home with some pretty terrific pics and a remarkably quick call back!

Plane Landing

It would seem that one of the people I interviewed with was a hiring manager(?) for another group at Google. Super long story short, I was considered for and got to interview for a “Corporate Operations Engineering” role. Several more interviews and many more nerve-wracking days days were included free of charge! I got a call back (and emails) and ended up getting an offer for the “IT Residency Program”. :D Even got a start date! Aug 3 in Mountain View. Super awesome. I’m really not a writer, so I’m pretty aweful at conveying my excitement :-P It’ll be really strange leaving my job at ONE Gas that could very easily be a super steady long-term job and moving out to Silicon Valley where I’ll know approximately zero people right off the bat.

so this has been sitting in my drafts for like a month and a half, dunno why I never posted it… more to come eventually