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Failed Dodge Lift Pump

27 Nov 2015 . dodge
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I realize this will be totally out of order… still need to post pics from the trip! (Not to mention even buying the dodge…)

BUT… I was out in San Jose when the computer in the truck started screaming. Low fuel pressure :frowning: Now, most cars and trucks have a single fuel pump. Thats all they need and that’s all they’ll ever have. Most diesels are a bit different. You have a pump that supplies a constant flow of fuel (the lift pump) under medium pressure (~16psi) to the front injection pump/engine from the fuel tank. From there the injection pump steps it up to something between 4 and 8 thousand psi… quite a lot. When that first pump, the lift pump, goes out its like removing the oil from your engine… Yes, you can run like that, but you certainly shouldn’t as you’re almost guaranteed to cause damage to the engine and the injection pump and when that goes out, you pay a lot :confused:.

Naturally, I parked it asap back in the garage after checking for blown fuses. Found one, but replacing it and even hotwiring it couldnt get the lift pump back up and running. UGH. Decided to email the manufacturer since it’s got a lifetime warranty against this sort of thing. “only applies to original owner and must be accompanied by original documentation”. Buh. To ebay! lol

Ebay Airdog on the counter

$100 later (a hellova lot cheaper than a new one) and I had a supposedly working motor in my hands. Time to replace!

Opened Airdog under the truck

Got to work down in the garage with my friend from work. 6 hours and a medical break later, it was back in business :smiley:

Opened Mercury Rack Pro QuadOpened Mercury Rack Pro Quad

nearly a full month later and its almost completely healed. When breaking loose one of the mouting bolts for the motor, I smashed my hand against a plate’s edge and pinched away the skin. Little gruesome and I probably should have gotten stitches. But all is fine; So is the truck :smiley: