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External SAS Enclosure

10 Mar 2015 . tech
#projects #personal

As yet another test post, I’ve decided to post about a quick little project that I’ve been planning on doing for a while :)

SO! The idea is to take this thing -> Mercury Rack Pro Quad and make it into an external hdd controller that DOESN’T use esata, usb or firewire.

I popped it open several months ago and with great suprise I was greeted with a ‘stand alone’ sort of hardware raid card. The raid card just had 4 sata cables coming off of it to a really basic backplane that the drives slid into. AWESOME. Since the power supply was completely independant, the whole thing should work whithout the raid card. Opened Mercury Rack Pro Quad

SO, I hit up the guys on the freenas forums to see if I could somehow use my internal raid card on my storage box out and over to this thing. Since its mini sas inside, I decided through a few adapters I could get it out, over, back in and broken out to sata… relatively easily. :)

That particular slot adapter just had two independant cards that would pass mini sas out.. It was going to almost double the price to get two singles, so I decided to just opt for one double for like 7$ more, and just take the card out. Ended up using a dremel to cut a square out the back and mounted the card with hotglue - - Thanks @ira787!

Breakout built in Low and behold, it worked. I now have 4 more full speed drives at my disposal. MUAHAHA

Array Under Couch14Drives Now.. I just have to get rid of the rest of my seagates….